Jeff Boyd appointed by Governor Perry to the vacant seat on the Texas Supreme Court

Jeff Boyd

On November 26, 2012, Governor Perry appointed Jeffrey S. Boyd to fill the vacancy seat on the Texas Supreme Court, which was created when Dale Wainwright stepped down from the bench. Boyd took the bench on December 3, 2012. This term will run through the end of 2014.

Texas judges are elected, but openings between elections are filled by the governor’s appointments. Those appointees have to run for the office eventually, but they get to run as incumbents, raise money as incumbents and use their appointments as a sort of implicit endorsement by the state’s top Republican officeholder.

Prior to Boyd’s appointment, he served as Perry’s chief of staff, and before that, his general counsel. Boyd has also held positions at Thompson & Knight and senior positions in the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Fun Fact: Since Perry became governor in 2000, he has named 10 people to the high court, including seven of the nine current justices (counting Boyd)


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