Texas Legislature Enacts the “Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act” (TUTSA)

The Texas Legislature met for numerous special sessions during the 2013 year. Some proposed legislation was highly publicized, some not.

A piece of legislation passed will benefit small businesses and large corporations alike who do business in the Lone Star State. Senate Bill 593, effective September 1st, 2013, codified the Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act or “TUTSA.” The various definitions and sections of TUTSA provide protection for businesses concerned about their proprietary information, commonly known as “trade secrets.” Trade secrets can include customer lists, pricing, marketing plans, personnel information, business forecasts,  and other information a company would not want its competitor to gain possession of. Previously businesses (and their respective attorneys) had to rely on (often) vague case law. With the passage of TUTSA, businesses and their counsel are now provided with clearer standards and remedies relating to disputes over misappropriation of trade secrets.

Below is an example of a trade secret.

One of my favorite Texas trade secrets…. yum.


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